Creating new and exciting food products with locally grown ingredients has been one of the best parts of opening my own business.  My “Fiyah” hot sauce line has already become hit in Cayman because it brings the heat and has a ton of flavor.  These 5oz bottled sauces range in heat and seasoning and will complement your dish each time.  Contact me for delivery or visit the distillery at Cayman Spirits Co. to purchase them. My other product includes homemade black garlic, an exotic and usually pricey delicacy that I have researched and perfected in my own home.  If you are looking for something more personal, I am happy to create a customizable sauce for you to gift at your special event.  I am constantly experimenting, so follow along via Instagram to see what I’m cooking up next.   


coco fiyah

Coconut is a staple ingredient in the Caribbean and Coco Fiyah gives a balance of ‘sweet heat’. This hot sauce is loaded with coconut in the form of seven different components, including local coconut meat, before being blended with scotch bonnet and seasoning peppers. It complement any dish where coconut is welcome including fried fish, shrimp, chicken wings, roasted pork, scrambled eggs and more.

CI$6/bottle (5oz). Heat = 2/5

Mango fiyah

Sweet & spice, and everything nice. We cooked sweet ripe mangoes and completely turned up the heat by blending them with scotch bonnet peppers. The addition of mustard ensures a balance between sweet and spicy flavours.

CI$8/bottle (5oz). Heat = 2/5


Rum barrel fiyah

Using old rum barrels, we have married the sweet rum oak flavour with fermented
Caribbean peppers and aged it for a few months. Oaky and slightly smokey, this sauce will pleasantly surprise you.

CI$7/bottle (5oz). Heat = 4/5


Cayman fiyah

A mason jar of Cayman pepper sauce can be found on any table where Caribbean food is served. A spoonful of this vinegar-based spicy sauce is traditionally used on seafood, from fried fish to conch stew. Cayman Fiyah has a thinner consistency compared to the other sauces. This is a ‘drip or drown’ kind of sauce – drip to add a touch of sharpness or drown if you love the acidic heat.

CI$6/ bottle (5oz). Heat = 3/5


This black sauce is similar to regular Sriracha though it’s full flavoured with layers of deep garlic, fermented Caribbean peppers and seaweed. It is no coincidence that the sauce and chef share the same Chinese Zodiac sign. Move over rooster, the boar is here.

CI$8/bottle (5oz). Heat = 3.5/5

Smokin’ bonnie fiyah

Where there’s smoke, there’s FIYAH!  We roasted and smoked select vegetables and combined them with just the right level of heat, so expect a well-rounded smokey sauce.

CI$7/bottle (5oz). Heat = 4/5


plantain on de side

Asking for some ‘plantain on de side’ is a common request with any Caribbean dish. Ripe plantains are fried to bring out their sweetness, then blended with scotch bonnet and seasoning peppers to produce Plantain Fiyah. Use this with to spice up your vegetables, chicken, pork, rice, breadkind and more.

CI$6 per bottle (5oz). Heat = 3/5

Green Fiyah

Inspired by the green seasoning of the Lesser Antilles, this sauce can be the base to a dish while cooking, or a finishing sauce. It’s main flavour comes from Culantro (Shado Beni), but its heat is all scotch bonnet.

CI$7/bottle (5oz). Heat = 3.5/5


Scorpion fiyah

We developed this sauce for those who love serious heat by using a healthy amount of Trinidadian scorpion peppers, which are three times hotter than a scotch bonnet.

Disclaimer: The initial sting, and slow growing burn will seem like consumption was a BAD IDEA. Regardless, the flavour is pleasant and some have found this sauce to be addicting. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but we believe you’ll survive the heat. You got this, Bobo!

CI$7/bottle (5oz). Heat = 5/5


Barrel Fermented

Out of curiosity we decided to see if the smoky and oaky flavors from an aged rum barrel could infuse with our hot sauce. With the help of Cayman Spirits Co. we bought a barrel that had previously aged their Seven Fathoms rum for 18 months. The inside of the barrel was charred and soaked with rum for one month prior to being filled with a scotch bonnet pepper mash. After fermenting for 18 months the sauce was finished with vinegar, salt and sugar. Check for availability as this sauce is limited due to the lengthy process with each batch.

CI$15/bottle (5oz). Heat = 7/10.



These 1.7 ounce bottles are the perfect ‘thank you’ card for any size group. Whether your gathering is a family reunion, wedding or corporate event, it will leave your guests with a taste of Cayman that they won’t forget. Fill them with one of our popular sauces or let’s customize something together that suits your needs. Personalized labels can be made at an additional fee.

Prices starting at CI$3/bottle (1.7oz)


black garlic

Slowly roasted and fermented white garlic transforms into the flavor bomb that is black garlic. Known for its health benefits and umami notes, you can expect a rich, sweet and savory profile that is guaranteed to enhance your dish. This product is difficult to find on island and typically retails for CI$36 per pound, but is available here at a discounted rate. Check for availability as the process takes a few days if we are out of stock.