Event catering

It’s time for you to enjoy the party instead of being stuck in the kitchen!  Let us help cater your barbecue on the boat, family-style dinner party, canapés at your local bar, employees dinner at the office or a multi-course wedding reception – anything is possible.  We offer a variety of delicious, seasonal menus with an emphasis on fresh, local and sustainable ingredients.  Our sample menus highlight some of our longstanding favorites along with our latest creations.  We can easily accommodate most dietary restrictions, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and kosher. Our goal is simple: for you to have an enjoyable, delicious and stress-free culinary experience.  Rates vary and are based on food cost, style of service and the number of guests. 


private/ group Cooking Classes

Rekindle your love of the kitchen with one-of-a-kind cooking classes.  Whether you want to learn how to make fresh pasta, cook the perfect steak, make your first vegetarian/vegan meal or even a traditional Caribbean dish, this option is for you!  Each class will teach you new skills, allow you to cook exciting new cuisines and discover new culinary trends, all while having fun with Chef Thomas.  Classes can be catered to however hands on (or off) you would like them to be and can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choosing.  For groups of 8-15 people, arrangements can be made to use the Bon Vivant Kitchen in Camana Bay with an additional rental fee.  Recipes may be included with the class and beverage options are available.  Class sizes range from 1-20 people with prices starting at CI$300 (exclusive of food). 


Meal Planning

Time is precious, and sometimes you’d love to have your meals planned so you can just get on with your day.  This is a great option for those of us who are too busy, are unsure in the kitchen, trying a new diet, have dietary restrictions or allergies or want to offer homecooked meals to overseas guests.  By collaborating with you, we are able to create a fulfilling and satisfying meal plan that targets all of your preferences.  A sample menu will be sent for your review each week making you an active participant in the planning process.  We will arrange the delivery and can provide vacuum packing to allow for a longer storage time.  Rates start at CI$50 per hour with a minimum of 6 hours (exclusive of food cost). 


Locally Made Products

We pride ourselves on the locally made products that we create and are excited to add more options to tickle your taste buds. Though hot sauce is our main seller, we will happily customize items to meet your requirements, including pepper jelly, chutneys, chimichurri and more. Head to our products page to see what we are currently offering.